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I'm always looking for a way to express my art to the web generation that grew up with the internet.

The mass production era has been changed to web era.

That’s the biggest historical change in our recent lives.

All my works have focused on scenes, and represent a visual consumption of the web society.

My works are inspired by the circumstances created by the random association of images on the web.

The endlessly proliferating content of the web creates chaos, but also chance encounters that move people.




I’m an artist who uses screenshots as a means of modern archiving.

I started creating screenshot art after becoming enthralled by the beauty of web-based photos, videos, and on-screen images.

As an artist, I thought it would be interesting to combine multiple images onto a single screen.


I use screenshots of actual layouts from a Mac computer and then create prints.

Everything on the screen is an applicable motif.


I use selections of online media to create unexpected combinations that are finalized into a single screenshot.

The exact date and signature of the creation is recorded on every work.